Cybernetic Bicycle 


A multi-functional hardware/software solution that allows a cyclist to move inside a virtual environment and interact with its objects.


The solution consists of a bicycle (road, mountain, etc.) fixed in a stand with installed a steering angle sensor, a wheel speed sensor, a load simulation system, a trackball, a universal controller for data transfer between a bicycle and a computer, and a software browser for user interaction with a virtual environment. Signals from sensors are transmitted to a computer, and software uses it to position a cyclist in a 3D virtual environment and change a sound and a power load (for example, a load on pedals during the ascent/descent of a mountain).

A bicycle and cyclist are represented by corresponding 3D models in a virtual environment. A 3D model of a bicycle shows rotation of pedals and wheels as well as steering of a real bicycle. A cyclist is represented as a 3D character model (sitting on a bicycle model) that follows movements of real arms and legs, and a head in a case of using a Head Mounted Display (HMD) with a head tracker. This allows you to create an illusion of movement of a cyclist in a virtual environment and provides an opportunity to interact with its objects and characters.