Historical Reconstructions of Yam Fortress

Customers: Museum Agency of the Leningrad Region, Preservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage Project.


  • Preservation and promotion of historical information about the lost object of cultural heritage.

  • A resource for economic and social development of the region (cultural tourism).


  • "Personalities of the History of Yam Fortress", "Fortresses of Northwest Russia "and "Monuments of Yam-Yamburg-Kingisepp” 2D multimedia information systems (PC, Windows):

  • Interactive 3D reconstruction of the Yam-Yamburg Fortress (PC, Windows):

    • 14th century (the four towers):

    • 15th century (the nine towers):

    • 18th century (the bastion):

  • Virtual audio-visual excursions in the models of fortresses (PC, Windows):

  • "Defense of Fortress" and "Destruction of Fortress" 3D games with a motion-based control (Windows, Kinect):

  • The module for a gesture-based interaction with the 3D models (Windows, Kinect):

  • The extension of museum exhibitions based on the Augmented Reality technology (Android, iOS):

  • An interactive 3D theater for 20 persons (mono and stereoscopic 3D modes) in the Kingisepp Museum of Local History and Tradition.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

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