Interactive 3D Visualization of Oil Production

Customer: GoRost Ltd.


A system for visualization of multiple-well pads and process pads of oil field facilities, and power facilities of an oil production enterprise.


  • Ability of pre-visualization of oil field facilities. Automatic generation of an interactive model based on static data (including CAD data) and a declarative specification. Displaying of landscape changes under legal requirements.

  • Ability of visualization of real oil field facilities with a representation of information based on static and dynamic data (including data from Process Control System, PCS).

  • Visualization of surface and underground objects, sites, equipment, buildings and structure.

  • Representation of a landscape and roads, geologic cross sections based on geodata.

  • Displaying of equipment operation and fluid flows.

  • Interactivity:

    • Walking and flying modes, including flybys of underground objects.

    • Moving on key points in a space.

    • Displaying of information about objects.

    • Equipment control.

Platforms: Windows, macOS.

Select language: ENG RUS